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Feb 28, 2007

After a few news items about the NGS Hall of Fame (, German postcards at, preservation information for family treasures from the Library of Congress (, the Practical Archivist Blog (, and the new ProQuest...

Feb 20, 2007

Topics include new sorting features of WorldCat (, and a discussion of folksonomies, tagging, and metadata, especially as it applies to photographs on such sites as Flickr (  News and listener mailbag includes the use of to learn more about when states began recording vital...

Feb 12, 2007

News includes the Nevada marriage and divorce data now available on  Listener mailbag brings in items about the French-Canadian Drouin Collection coming to (from the American-Canadian Genealogical Society at, what may or may not be available at your nearest NARA branch...

Feb 6, 2007

George announces a genealogy conference in Tallahassee, Florida (, a computerized genealogy conference in Provo (, and three different genealogy cruises between late October and mid November, and reminds listeners of the writing contest deadline for...