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Mar 27, 2007

Drew reminds listeners to nominate individuals and genealogy societies for the awards offered by the Federation of Genealogical Societies (; shares the British government's response to the e-petition to provide earlier access to the 1911, 1921, and 1931 British censuses; and announces...

Mar 20, 2007

George and Drew discuss the recent announcement regarding databases no longer being available at Family History Centers, and George also announces the new Iowa database.  George mentions his recent speaking engagement in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, while Drew talks about his own visit to...

Mar 13, 2007

George reviews several news books, including the multivolume set of Revolutionary War Period Bible, Family, & Marriage Records (, a new book about colonial ancestors, and a fantastic new book about researching Mexican ancestry.  News includes the Jewish Genealogical Society in New York...

Mar 5, 2007

George and Drew share news (including a reminder of the planned research trip to London), and listener e-mail (ancestors who had pottery factories, and the U.K. National Archives podcasts).  George talks about using timelines and ancestor profiles to help explain why ancestors behaved as they did.  Drew points out that...