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Apr 27, 2009

This week's news includes: NBC has temporarily shelved the U.S. edition of the popular show, "Who Do You Think You Are?"; and, the Canadian version of, has released a new database, Border Crossings from the U.S. to Canada, 1908-1935, which contains more than 1.6 million names. Drew eulogizes...

Apr 14, 2009

Topics this week include:

  1. Loretto "Lou" Dennis Szucs receives the Silver Tray Award from the Utah Genealogical Association.
  2. includes new London-related content, including Births, Baptisms, Deaths, Burials, and Poor Law Records.
  3. Leland Meitzler includes a calendar on his blog at
  4. The...

Apr 1, 2009

This week's news includes: The Generations Network announced the launching at its Ancestry UK site ( of more than 400 years of London history, derived from records at the London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) and the Guildhall Library; and ( has launched its...