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Jun 21, 2009

The Guys remember John Fuller who passed away recently. John maintained a masterful site of all of the genealogy mailing lists in the world.

This week's news includes: Family Tree Magazine has published its 101 Best Websites for 2009, and The Genealogy Guys Podcast has been named to that prestigious list;

Jun 11, 2009

This week's news includes: the newly released Welsh 1911 census reveals that singer Tom Jones is actually three-quarters English; ( has announced a new version of its photo service that makes it easier to upload, share, and organize their photos online; EBSCO Publishing, one of the...

Jun 2, 2009

This week's news includes: announces that it is now offering free membership; Calico Pie, Ltd., announces the release of Family Historian Version 4 genealogy software at; announces new content, including German Phone Directories (1915-1981), the Alabama...