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Vivid-Pix logo feedback and RootsTech sessions

Jan 29, 2014

Ancestry needs your help!! We're looking for Ancestry enthusiasts to provide feedback on some new concepts on the website experience.

Member feedback has always been vital to our product development and Ancestry has recently expanded its User Research team, and we want to talk to you! Based in both Provo and San Francisco, sessions would typically last an hour either online or in person if you’re local. We are happy to get your input on existing and new experiences across both the website and mobile.  Participants will have a few different incentives to choose from, such as the latest edition of FTM for Windows or Mac! 

If you are interested in applying for participation, please drop us a line at

We have some in-person opportunities at RootsTech to kickoff this expanded initiative.


Starting this February at RootsTech, we will be conducting sessions on Thursday (2/6) and Friday (2/7). There are two ways you could participate:

·         One of two, 90 minute focus groups from 4:30 – 6:00 PM each day, where we will look specifically at the Profile Page of people in your tree to understand both how you currently use it and what new features that you'd love to see incorporated. You will be asked to pull up interesting people in your tree and share with the Research team and the 4 or 5 other subscribers in the group.

·         A 50 minute, one-to-one interview session with a member of the Product Research team who will walk you through some new concepts and get your input. We will be conducting 7 sessions at different times during the day on Thursday and Friday. Follow the link below to select your preferred times.

To participate in either RootsTech research session type, you need an active account with a tree. To be considered, please fill out this survey, so that we can confirm your participation and set up scheduling.

Thank you,

Lisa R. Handalian, Senior User Researcher | Product Team