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Oct 12, 2020

News You Can Use and Share!

  • The National Genealogical Society and the Federation of Genealogical Societies officially merged on 1 October 2020.
  • Vivid-Pix launches a new version of their RESTORE software for Windows and macOS with new features.
  • MyHeritage has just refreshed the data for its Theory of Family Relativity...

Sep 21, 2020

Drew's guest is Else Churchill, the Genealogist at the Society of Genealogists (SoG) in London, UK. 

Learn more about Else and the SoG by visiting

Sep 7, 2020

We are happy to celebrate our podcast’s 15th anniversary this week!

News You Can Use and Pass On!

We have lots of news and awards information to share this week:

  • The Genealogy Guys Podcast and Vivid-Pix announced the winner of the Unsung Heroes Society Grant for scanning equipment and software. It is the Morgan...

Aug 16, 2020

There have been numerous genealogical institutes over the last several weeks. As a result, we were unable to schedule a Genealogy Connection podcast recently. However, it will be back soon!

News You Can Use and Share!

  • The Blackstone Group Inc. has reached an agreement to purchase a majority stake in...

Aug 1, 2020

News You Can Use and Share with Others

  • The Upper Midwest Jewish Archives at the University of Minnesota is working to digitize its Jewish World archives, its collection of Jewish World Newspapers, 91 bound volumes from 1915 to 2007. The first three years’ newspapers are complete.
  • The Society of Genealogists will...