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Jan 28, 2014

The news includes:

·      RootsMagic announces that their webinars are now indexed and that their Android app is coming soon.

·      Family Tree DNA and MyHeritage have teemed up to integrate DNA tests into the MyHeritage customer base of 75M users.

·      Findmypast announces that they are making improvements to their website and will be adding records more frequently.

·      GenSoftReviews announces the Top Genealogy Software Awards for 2013.

· (NEHGS) has debuted their blog, Vita Brevis, at

·      FamilySearch announces their new indexing website at

· and FamilySearch announce an expansion of their collaborative agreement to make more than 1 billion additional records from 67 countries available on

·      Drew highlights new record additions at FamilySearch.

·      There are news reports that indicate that Pope Francis will open the Vatican’s archives covering Pious XII and his pontificate of World War II and the role he played in supporting/facilitating the Nazi regime’s activities. (See


The Guys talk about upcoming conference appearances.


Listener email includes:

·      Neal shared a website called American Radio History at with over 1M page of magazines, periodicals, yearbooks, directories and more that can provide information about ancestors in the broadcasting industry and insights into your ancestors’ entertainment.

·      Karen asks questions about Family Tree Maker 2014.

·      Noi asks questions about rescuing family photos and documents.

·      Sam ask questions concerning DNA testing advances.

·      Joshua ask questions about the FamilySearch family tree facility and whether data submitted might be used by the LDS for baptism by proxy.


Drew discusses the Arthur G, Dozier School for Boys and the role that the University of South Florida (and himself) are playing in researching the abuse and deaths of boys committed to the school. (See and