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Apr 2, 2018

The news includes:

  • RootsMagic releases Personal Historian 3.
  • MyHeritage added 27.1 million historical records to SuperSearch in March, bringing the total to 8.96 billion.
  • MyHeritage adds a new Pedigree View feature for family trees.
  • MyHeritage has made improvements to its new One-to-Many Chromosome Browser.
  • Two new features have been added to the MyHeritage mobile app: Inbox and Scanner.
  • MyHeritage announced customer support 24/7 by both phone and online.
  • Findmypast announced the release of Ireland Tontines Annuities, 1766-1788, Church of Ireland Histories & Reference Guides, Armagh Records & Registers, Antrim Histories & Reference Guides, and Dublin Registers & Records.
  • Drew shares updates from FamilySearch.

Listener email includes:

  • Peggy shares information about Book Collector by CLZ at
  • Ryan shares information about a free open-source tool called Tropy at It allows you to organize and describe photographs of research material. The Guys seek feedback from listeners.
  • Richard reports in a follow-up on his grandmother’s mysterious first cousin and all the subsequent research paths he has taken.
  • Kristopher shares his research in New Jersey about his grandparents, and how he has pieced together research in a number of interesting records.

Actionable Information You Can Use

George debunks the myth that Irish census records were all lost. He presents information about the availability of digitized Irish Census records. The National Archives of Ireland at is a resource for surviving census records. MyHeritage provides access to the 1901 and 1911 census records. FamilySearch provide searchable images from the fragments of the 1821-1851 census records. George discusses what is available on the 1901 census forms.

Drew reviews Alistair Moffat’s book, Britain: A Genetic Journey.

Drew also discusses GEDmatch, how to upload data, and the new Genesis facility at that allows upload of all the testing services’ results.

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