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Jun 2, 2010

The news includes:

Our listener email includes:

  • Jennifer asks about mentors for her work in becoming a Certified Genealogist. George points her to the Board for Certification of Genealogists.
  • Steve discusses his great-grandfather's birth records, and he asks about how to best borrow microfilmed records from Augusta County, Virginia - through the Library of Virginia or through the local LDS Family History Center.
  • Teri discusses the impportance of source citations.
  • Drew discusses the derivation and meaning of first names, and cites a book, The New American Dictionary of First Names, by Leslie Dunkling and William Gosling.
  • Pat shares an important collection of New York State digitized historic newspapers at
  • Michael asks about The Guys' use of DNA in research. He also asks for tips for first-time conference attendees. George points him to a webinar he did for the Southern California Genealogical Society titled, "How to Get the Most out of a Genealogy Conference." The webinar can be seen at
  • Tammy asks about the key database collections at