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Jul 21, 2010

The news includes:

  • completes its acquisition of Sweden's
  • has added U.S. Revolutionary War pension and bounty-land warrant application files (1800-1900), U.S. County land Ownership Maps (1860-1918), and a broad collection of Canadian City and Area Directories (1819-1906)
  • Tom Kosalka of the Michigan Genealogical Council reports that Gov. Jennifer Granholm has issued a press release concerning the genealogical and historical collections at the Michigan Library and Historical Center. The press release can be accessed at,1607,7-168--240954--,00.html.
  • Arphax Publishing announces new paperback editions of its Family Maps and Texas Land Survey Maps series. Visit their website at
  • announced fully indexed U.K. and Wales birth records (1837-2006) at their site.
  • The Newberry Library in Chicago has recently completed a new, free online resource, the Atlas of Historical County Boundaries. The database covers every day-to-day change in county boundaries - from 1634 to 2000. You can access this tremendous resource at
  • ( has just turned one year old and urges our listeners to visit their site and enjoy a 7-day free trial.

The guys discuss their upcoming travel plans:

Listener email includes:

  • Kim asks about how to determine if a specific genealogical researcher is legitimate or not.
  • Ed responds to Jennifer's court record question. He recommends two online resources for California genealogical research: and the "Early California Population Project" at the Huntington Library and is accessible at
  • Mike offers a compelling reason for sharing your genealogy information on the Internet.
  • Russ asks for suggestions on how to flatten folded documents while using a digital camera.
  • James asks for information about how to download our podcasts.
  • Spencer has created a new app for the iPhone/iPod called Research Logger and is asking for feedback. Visit for more information.
  • Gus shares the story of how he sent out letters in 1995 seeking information about his DeNoble line research, and how a response was just received.
  • Melanie asks for help with her "multiple-choice grandfather."
  • Pat responds to Jennifer's legal case transcripts research. She offers four very important suggestions. (You must listen to these!)
  • Bill shares a story about a "misplaced birthplace" in Canada for his father.
  • Lynda is seeking guidance for locating ancestors in Denmark and Germany.