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Jan 16, 2012

The news includes:

Listener email includes:

  • Many condolences have been received from around the world for the passing of Fletcher, our dilute calico cat who "spoke" on many podcasts over the years. She died on 8 December 2011 and is deeply missed.
  • Carole advises us that the Doña Ana County Genealogical Society in Las Cruces, New Mexico, will be holding its first conference in April 2012. She also discusses the recurrent problem of the accuracy of documentation and the conflicting data that can result.
  • Dave recently wrote about his research in St. Croix. Listeners may be interested in reading his blog at
  • Mac tells us that if you are going to order any New York certificates, you might also want to cross-reference the databases at
  • Rich asks a fascinating question about how to represent the correct country in his RootsMagic software for Canada at different historical periods.
  • Wayne reports that he cannot download the podcast using the latest version of the Ubuntu operating system. The Guys ask other listeners about their experiences with this.
  • Maria asks Hank Jones and The Guys about Palatines in Australia.
  • Sébastien has had good results with the DNA genealogy study between Coombs and Comeau descendants. He recommends the site at to our listeners who may have a Coombs ancestor.
  • Joel Weintraub tells us that the discussion on a previous podcast about markings on ships' passenger lists/manifests could also have pointed people to the site at
  • Mark shared with us a publication by the St. Louis Post Dispatch that discusses the new National Personnel Records Center facility. The 12-page PDF document is an excellent overview of the NPRC, where many U.S. military service records are stored.
  • Noi asks for a recommendation of a good website that compares genealogy database software programs. We recommend going to Wikipedia and searching for the phrase “Comparison of Genealogy Software” for some excellent comparisons.
  • Susan asks about whether she should use Family Tree Maker 2012 or RootsMagic. This spurred a detailed discussion by The Guys about the GEDCOM standard and how data is exported from one program and imported to another. They talk about the fact that there will be a need to manually handle some data after the transfer.