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Nov 19, 2013

The Guys have several announcements:

  • Genealogical Publishing Company has just published a new Genealogy at a Glance laminated reference guide. This one is titled “ Research” and is written by George G. Morgan. You can order it from GPC or at the Aha! Seminars, Inc., website.

  • All of George and Drew’s publications can be ordered at the Aha! Seminars, Inc., website, and the links there take you to the best pricing available.

  • The company that purchased Ancestry Publishing’s business several years ago has published the second edition of The Official Guide to in Kindle format and Nook format. That book was published in 2008 and is extremely outdated. In addition, the current publisher has not paid any royalties to this author for more than two years. Therefore, George strongly recommends that you do not purchase either ebook version of this book.

  • Drew will be an Official Blogger at RootsTech 2014.

The news includes:

  • announced the Fold3 Honor Wall at They also announced the addition of man new record additions to the site.

  • DC Thomson, owner of and Genes Reunited, and formerly known as brightsolid online publishing, has announced a deal with to make billions of records available online.

  • MyHeritage has announced a strategic partnership with to make billions of records available online.

  • Drew covers major additions from mid-October to mid-November by to its collections of records available online.

  • MyHeritage announced a partnership with BillionGraves to add 5.5 million gravestone records and with to add 3.5 million obituaries to their site.

  • MyHeritage announced an enhancement to their site that allows users to extract information form historical records into multiple profiles on your family tree.

Listener email includes:

The Guys reviewed a number of books in this episode:

  • Applications for Enrollment of Chickasaw Newborn Act of 1905, Volumes 1, 2, and 3, transcribed by Jeff Bowen. Printed for Clearfield Company by Genealogical Publishing Company.

  • Without Indentures: Index to White Slave Children in Colonial Court Records [Maryland and Virginia], by Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D. Published by Genealogical Publishing Company.

  • Sustainable Genealogy: Separating Fact from Fiction in Family Legends, by Richard Hite. Published by Genealogical Publishing Company.

  • 19th Century Photos Kwik Guide: A Step-by-Step Guide to Identifying and Dating Cartes de Visite and Cabinet Cards, by Gary W. Clark. Published by