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Jan 4, 2014

The news includes:

·      The Genealogy Guys have been interviewed by Marian Pierre-Louis on episode 72 of her podcast, Fieldstone Common, at

·      Restrictions placed on access to the Social Security Death Index.

·      Keynote speakers at RootsTech 2014.

·      News about 23andMe and its genetic genealogy testing service.

·      Matthew Batchelor is appointed as the new Chief Technology Officer at DC Thomson Family History, owner of and Genes Reunited.

·      The National Archives in the UK has announced a series of six webinars, beginning in January 2014 They will be held at different hours that help assure most people all over the world can enjoy them live. The schedule and topics are available at

·      RootsMagic has released a new update to Version 6, is working on the beta test of the Android app, and has a great collection of free recorded webinars online and videos about RootsMagic.

·      FamilySearch continues to add hundreds of thousands of new records each week, and Drew summarizes some highlights from December 2013.

·      MyHeritage announces a huge initiative into the Nordic countries and the addition of millions of names and records.

· has announced the release of Family Tree Make Mac 3.

·      Betty Kreisel Shubert’s landmark book, Out-of-Style: A Modern Perspective of How, Why, and When Vintage Fashions Evolved, has been named by Kirkus Reviews as one of the Best Books of 2013.


Listener email includes:

·      Russ Worthington, in his October postings in “A Worthington Weblog,” discusses how he files his digital images.

·      William asks about the proper way to record surnames that were changed due to adoption or “Americanization” by immigrant ancestors.


The Guys discuss how they are using technology and the hardware, software, and apps that they are using the most as of the beginning of 2014.