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Apr 29, 2014

The Genealogy Guys would like to welcome its new sponsor,!

Genealogical Publishing Company has released a new Genealogy at a Glance (GAAG) laminated resource document written by George G. Morgan titled Research. This joins George’s recent Research (GAAG) and 23 other titles in the series. They are available from the publisher and at

Drew reports on the status of the Dozier School project which is researching the remains of students who died and were buried at the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, Florida, during the 20th century.

The genealogy news includes:

Drew reviews Families of Southeastern Georgia by Jack N. Averitt. The book is a reprint of a 1964 book and is published by Genealogical Publishing Company using its Clearfield Publishing imprint.

The news includes:

  • Doug asks about some available books about land records. The Guys make some suggestions, including one titled Digging for Ancestors: An In-Depth Guide to Land Records by Michelle Goodrum.
  • Richard responded to Beverly’s inquiry (in episode #264) with suggestions about software to use to create a genealogy website and free hosting possibilities. Richard uses Serif’s WebPlus X7 software and uses Filezilla to upload the data. He suggests several hosting options. He included links to three of his sites: FreePages at RootsWeb at; Comcast at; and GoDaddy at
  • Debbie responded to our call for suggestions (in episode #264) for the researcher whose 82-year-old mother discovered through DNA testing that her legal father was not her biological father.
  • Debbie also asked about the book reviewed in episode #263, Finding Your Irish Ancestors in New York City by Joseph Buggy, and whether it also included information about immigrants from Northern Ireland.
  • Caroleen expands on The Guys’ answer in episode #260 about LDS temple work done for individuals entered into the FamilySearch Family Tree.
  • Chris/Jenny responded to Sue’s question (in episode #260) about locating a diary of the ship Shannon sold to a museum in the U.S.
  • Chad asks about the DNA testing he had done with DNA Tribes into his South American Ancestry and the results he received.
  • Barbara suggests checking out the GenealogyInTime Magazine at
  • Brett asks about becoming a credentialed genealogist and a professional researcher, and The Guys offer some suggestions.