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Jun 14, 2018

The news includes:

  • MyHeritage announced the addition in May of another 1 billion records, bringing the total to over 9 billion records. They just added 11 new collections with another 9.8 million records.
  • MyHeritage has moved the Pedigree View of family trees from View Only Mode to full Edit Mode, allowing the addition, deletion, and editing of records while viewing the tree.
  • Findmypast has added Chicago Roman Catholic baptisms, marriages, and burial records, as well as parish records. New Irish National School Registers have also been added.
  • Drew shares highlights of new and expanded FamilySearch collections.
  • Drew discusses the recent security hack of MyHeritage user email addresses and hashed (encrypted) passwords. In addition, he discusses MyHeritage’s release of its new Two-Factor Authentication facility, which provides stronger security if you choose to use it.

Listener email includes:

  • Judy asks about Mindy Jacox’s Online research log.
  • Barbara tells us about libraries’ use of RBDigital’s service that provides library patrons with free access to magazine titles.
    • George reminds everyone that public libraries provide online access to people with library cards to databases, newspapers, magazines, and digital collections with a simple login.
  • Ralph wants to know more about the New York records that are being focused on by Reclaim the Records (
  • Margie discusses Drew’s interview with Tim Pinnick and his mention of Roslyn, Washington. She talks about the many diverse cemeteries there and its historical past.
  • Jim provides insights into Kristopher’s search for ancestors in Poland (Episode 341) and suggests some excellent free resources at JewishGen (

The Guys extensively discuss how to get the most out of bookmarks in your browser. George discusses how to organize bookmarks, and the fact that you can bookmark more than just webpages. Drew provides some insights from his experience.