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Aug 24, 2018

The Guys ask that you visit iTunes and leave a review for The Genealogy Guys Podcast. This will help support our efforts that have been going on for nearly 13 years, making us the longest-running genealogy podcast.

The news includes:

  • The In-Depth Genealogist ( announces that George G. Morgan has joined its writing team.
  • MyHeritage will host MyHeritage Live, an international conference in Oslo, Norway, on 2-4 November 2018. Full details about the event are at
  • FamilySearch has released an expanded, indexed collection of the Ellis Island Immigrant Records 1820-1957. The records are accessible at their website and at the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation site.

Listener email includes:

  • Two of our listeners named Jim shared news that a new genealogical mystery by Steve Robinson in the Jefferson Tayte series, Letters from the Dead, has been published.
  • Andrew asks about when to trust other people’s family trees.
  • Kelly asks how reliable the mega-trees are on Ancestry.
  • One listener shared a link to the NARA publication, Prologue, and an article about “The WPA Census Soundexing Projects” at
  • Pat had questions about the prefix numbers on US naturalization certificates. George provided a referral to the USCIS website and their page titled Certificate Number Series at
  • Kathleen shared that Texas residents can obtain a free library card from the Houston Public Library that will provide remote access to many online databases, including genealogical ones.