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Mar 20, 2019

The Genealogy Guys are using their new sound mixer beginning with this episode. Visit our blog for details about the new equipment. Sincere thanks go out to our sponsors and generous Patreon supporters for making this improvement possible.

The Guys discuss their great experiences at the 2019 Podfest Multimedia Expo.

News You Can Use

  • MyHeritage has added 7.1 million records of Norwegian Censuses in four collections.
  • The Canadian Research Knowledge Network has made more than 60 million pages of digitized Canadian heritage documents accessible.
  • Findmypast has added 23 million new U.S. marriages to its site for searching.
  • Drew recaps free FamilySearch record additions.

Blaine T. Bettinger and the DNA segment

This week’s discussion between Blaine and Drew focuses on recent announcements from MyHeritage regarding their new DNA tools: AutoCluster and the Theory of Family Relativity.

Our Listeners Talk to Us

  • Listener response to a call for how you use spreadsheets in your research has been strong.
  • Another Laura tells us she uses spreadsheets when extracting from indexes; to compile each year’s data when doing city directory research; and to create a combination timeline/family group sheet/timeline.
  • Sherry paid for a DNA test for a cousin who has since died. Are there legal questions she should be aware of if she wants to submit the data to GEDmatch?
  • Bill reports that he has had problems with Ancestry tree data disappearing from RootsMagic. He believes it is an API problem. George heard from another friend on Sunday who has experienced the same problem.
  • Tom reports that the new Ancestry beta color coding tag system has rendered a Google extension inoperable. Drew tells how to opt out of the Ancestry beta.
  • Spencer shares two important topics:
    • Masonic records include applications to join and these can contain much genealogical information.
    • The librarian at the Webster Memorial Library in Decatur, Van Buren County, Michigan, plans to break up the collections placed there by the Van Buren Regional Genealogical Society. Some materials would be moved to a basement and would no longer be accessible by researchers. Email to the Van Buren Library Board of Directors Chairman, Bruce Cutting, at to complain about this situation is welcome. The Guys make suggestions about written agreements that should be created and signed to clarify such situations.

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