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May 28, 2019

The Guys have resolved the high-pitched sound problem and have replaced the six affected episodes (GGP 359, 360, 351 & GC 52, 53, 54) with clean ones. Read more at our blog at

Winners of the Unsung Heroes Awards for 2Q2019 will be announced on Saturday, June 1, 2019, at the Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree in Burbank. A special presentation will be made at 1:30 PM in the convention center lobby, followed by the remainder in the Exhibit Hall at the Flip-Pal/Vivid-Pix booth.

The launch of the new Facebook group page, The Genealogy Squad, took place on May 6, 2019. Membership has topped 11,800 in just three weeks and is still growing fast. The principals are Blaine T. Bettinger, Cyndi Ingle, George G. Morgan, and Drew Smith. You can join at

News You Can Use and Share

MyHeritage announced the launch of the MyHeritage DNA Health+Ancestry test on May 20, 2019. It includes dozens of personalized and easy-to-understand health reports in addition to the ethnicity results, a chromosome browser, and matching with others in their database.  A new kit is $199; an upgrade to your existing DNA kit is $120. Read their announcement at and learn more at their website.

Ancestry announced that it has surpassed 15 million members in its DNA network.

Findmypast has announced the launch of ancestor sharing for users with family trees online. This is an optional feature.

Findmypast has released Queensland Soldier Portraits (1914-1918), and has announced the launch of over 114 million new birth, christening, marriage, death, and burial records covering 20 European nations (1502-1960).

FamilySearch celebrates 20 years online.

Drew recaps some major record additions at FamilySearch.

Blaine T. Bettinger

This week’s discussion between Blaine and Drew focuses on the researcher's problem of confirmation bias, and how it can affect both DNA-based research and traditional genealogical research.

Cyndi Ingle

Cyndi Ingle’s “Cyndi Says” segment highlights web resources about archives. She provides links to:

Our Listeners Talk to Us

  • Florence wrote to Vivid-Pix to share her delight with the new software.
  • John asks about maintaining a source database in MS Word, in Evidentia, or in EndNote. The Guys ask our listeners for their feedback.
  • Tom and his wife are headed to Washington, DC, in May 2020 and plan to research at NARA. The Guys provide some advice but also ask listeners to share their recommendations for a successful research trip.

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