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Jun 17, 2019

Our podcast hosting service, Libsyn, has partnered with Entercom to distribute podcasts on That means that this podcast will be available there.

Drew talks about Apple’s announcement that it is discontinuing iTunes in the next version of the macOS, Catalina, and what that means for music, podcast, and television users who upgrade their Mac's operating system this fall.

The launch of the new Facebook group page, The Genealogy Squad, took place on May 6, 2019. Membership is nearing 15,000. You can join at And read our blog posting at about where our members are located.

News You Can Use and Share

New historical birth, marriage, and death registers for Ireland are available at

Findmypast has released Dumfriesshire, Scotland, Death & Burial Index records, Pennsylvania Register of Mine Accidents, Cardiganshire Baptisms, Marriages & Banns, and Burials, Kent Baptisms, Marriages & Banns, and Burials, Phillimore Marriage Registers, and updates to Italian and Danish records.

Drew recaps some major record additions at FamilySearch.

Blaine T. Bettinger's DNA Segment

This week’s discussion between Blaine and Drew focuses on creating a DNA testing strategy that will both fit your budget and will get your DNA testing data on as many sites as feasible.

Cyndi Ingle's "Cyndi Says"

Cyndi Ingle’s “Cyndi Says” segment discusses how you can use Google to search for specific file types.

File types indexable by Google:
filetype:doc or filetype:docx
filetype:xls or filetype:xlsx
filetype:ppt or filetype:pptx
filetype:kml or filetype:kmz


Our Listeners Talk to Us

  • Katherine writes to tell us she earlier connected with one of our Unsung Heroes Award winners, Stacy Ashmore Cole.
  • Scott, Gloria, and Katherine wrote praising the Genealogy Connection interview with Sunny Morton.
  • Debra wrote about how much she enjoyed the Genealogy Connection interview with Russ Worthington. She also shared two good tips.
  • Tom wants help and advice about splitting his existing single family tree at Ancestry into multiple trees. Listener suggestions and insights are welcome.

The Guys discuss how they have their home genealogical research workspaces set up, and how George has created lighting under his hutch.

The Guys share some of their upcoming speaking schedules. You can always learn more at

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