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Mar 23, 2020

The Genealogy Guys Learn site ( will be on sale for the entire month of April. Look for details and instructions on the Genealogy Guys Blog on March 30, and links to the blog will be placed on Facebook at The Genealogy Guys Podcast and The Genealogy Squad pages. This is your opportunity to get more written and video education at a bargain price, and new content is added every month.

News You Can Use and Share

  • MyHeritage introduced MyHeritage in ColorTM to colorize your black-and-white photos.
  • MyHeritage has added 1.3 billion records of U.S. City Directories.
  • MyHeritage has introduced fan charts as a way to display your family trees online.
  • Geneanet, the leading genealogy website in Europe, has launched its DNA matching service.
  • Ancestry announced the completion of a project to digitize and index 36 million of the U.S. WWII young men’s draft cards.
  • Ancestry has updated and improved its collection, New York, New York, Index to Birth Certificates, 1866-1909.
  • Findmypast added 18 million new U.S. marriage records for Texas, 1937-2010.
  • Findmypast added 36K new Wales Billion Graves records, Hampshire baptisms, marriages, and burials, and Surrey baptisms, marriages, and burials.
  • Findmypast published more than 190K new records in partnership with the Galway County Council. They include Galway Poor Law Union Records, Galway county burials, and more records from the Waterford Poor Law Union Board of Guardians Minute Books.
  • Church of England will begin a project, “Google Maps for Graves.”
  • The Genealogy Squad Facebook group passed 30,000 members this week. Share the link with your friends so that they can join!
  • FamilySearch has introduced the Explore Historical Images tool to search digital-image-only records.
  • Drew recaps new record additions, updates, and indexes at FamilySearch.
  • Use your library card to explore all the databases offered at their website.
  • ProQuest has arranged for Ancestry Library Edition to be made available remotely from home.
  • JSTOR is offering free registration.
  • Be sure to use Google Books for public domain content.
  • The Guys are featured in an article at Indie Podcast News at
  • Another article about The Guys will be published at the end of March in Podcast Magazine.

DNA Segment with Blaine T. Bettinger

Blaine and Drew discuss the use of DNA data for research at the 23andMe site.

Cyndi Says

Cyndi Ingle says that there is no such thing as a brick wall! She suggests:

The brick wall is you - what you don't know, where you don't know to look, etc.  She encourages you to take advantage of:
  • Genealogical education
  • Read, read, read
  • Books, magazines, guides, wikis
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Institutes

Our Listeners Talk to Us

  • Tom wrote some time ago about the availability of facial recognition software for personal use. Rick Voight of Vivid-Pix tells us that this is a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It’s not available to individuals yet at any kind of reasonable price, but he believes “the ability and technology are on the horizon.”.
  • Jenn wrote to ask how to research ancestors' patents.
  • Mark wrote a follow-up to his sharing of the article about Mt. Vesuvius and survivors. Archaeologists in Italy are trying link remains they found in Pompeii in the 20th century to Pliny the Elder at
  • Susan wrote a fascinating account about she discovered that she was donor-conceived.
  • Marise is looking for information about marriage and naturalization records that were probably destroyed in the fire that was an aftermath of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Listeners, share whatever you can with us!

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