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Aug 1, 2020

News You Can Use and Share with Others

  • The Upper Midwest Jewish Archives at the University of Minnesota is working to digitize its Jewish World archives, its collection of Jewish World Newspapers, 91 bound volumes from 1915 to 2007. The first three years’ newspapers are complete.
  • The Society of Genealogists will reopen their library in London on 7 August 2020. Only a limited number of simultaneous SOG members will be admitted. No food or drink will be allowed.
  • Findmypast added new records: Surry Baptisms; Surrey Marriages; Surrey Burials; Warwickshire Burials; Warwickshire, Coventry Pawnbroker Tickets 1915-1923; Idaho Reconstructed 1890 U.S. census; Yorkshire Monumental Inscriptions; Derbyshire Deaths and Burials; National School Admission Registers & Log Books 1870-1914; Peru Civil Registration Records 1874-1996; and 12 new newspaper titles.
  • Ancestry added new collections in July: Wyoming BMDs; Idaho BMDs; Women of Protest (suffragette photos from the LOC); USC Shoah Interviews – Index only to be released at Ancestry; Doubs, France Censuses; and Westminster Parish Records.
  • Ancestry is ready to change its messaging system. You can download the existing folder structure but you'll need to do it soon.
  • Ancestry will shortly be eliminating the display of very small DNA matches, most of which likely would be nearly useless to researchers as they are false positives.
  • Fold3 recently completed their collection of U.S. Veterans Gravesites (1775-2019). Records date to the Revolutionary War and include veterans, spouses, and dependents interred in military cemeteries.
  • Drew recaps two weeks of highlights of FamilySearch record collection releases.

DNA Segment with Diahan Southard

Diahan and Drew discuss best practices for managing messages exchanged with DNA matches.

Best strategies for contacting matches:
How Contacting Your DNA Matches is Like a First Date

Cyndi Says

Cyndi Ingle tells us to pay attention to collateral relatives for our brick-wall ancestors.

Our Listeners Talk to Us

  • Debbie asks how to subscribe to the Genealogy Guys Blog using Feedly. You'll find some information on the blog itself at, but Drew will create more instructions soon.
  • John writes to add two more strategies for potentially identifying formerly enslaved persons after the U.S. Civil War.
  • Edward shares his experiences with expanding information about family members, especially siblings, using cemetery records.
  • Robin poses a great question about ways to publish errata for a previously published family history book that contains errors. The Guys offer several suggestions and encourage listeners to share their ideas and techniques in handling errata.
  • Lori wants to know how to become a records transcriber. We welcome suggestions from our listeners.
  • John writes from Scotland wanting to know why the iOS/iPadOS Ancestry app will be available only to users of the next iOS/iPadOS operating system. The Guys suggested contacting Ancestry directly, but we welcome input from our listeners.
  • Marise writes about having heard about the Leeds method of using colored dots at Ancestry. She uses then to identify the town of origin of DNA matches. She also talks about using pseudonyms in her searches.

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