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May 29, 2022

News You Can Use and Share!

  • George recommends listening to MyHeritage’s podcast, “Blast From My Past”, which can be found at
  • Ancestry introduces its Ethnicity Inheritance powered by SideViewTM
  • Findmypast has added new records to its UK collection Electoral Registers & Companies House Directors.
  • Lynn Turner has been named the new Director of the FamilySearch Family History Library.
  • Drew shares an overview of new and expanded record collections at FamilySearch.

1950 U.S. Federal Census Discussion

  • Drew discusses the AI indexing processes in use by Ancestry and FamilySearch, and census records at MyHeritage.
  • Kathy from California emailed us with questions about the availability of a number of the different census record forms from this census. George covers the different forms used and whether they were imaged before they were destroyed and which are digitally available. These include P1 (Population Schedule), P2 (Individual Census Report), P3 (Infant Cards), P4 (Crews of Vessels Report), P5 (Overseas Census), P8 (Native Americans), and various P forms used for enumerating territories.
  • Michael from Germany used Stephen P. Morse’s extensive census tools at to locate enumeration districts and access a sample P1 form.
  • Detailed information about the 1950 Census is available on the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) pages at and on subsequent pages. Don’t overlook the FAQs at which is filled with a wealth of information you should know.

Listener Email

  • Chris asks for suggestions about how to locate/pinpoint a specific headstone. George provides some suggestions.
  • Rebecca wants to know if there is a way for Find a Grave to notify a person when their memorials have been deleted or reassigned to another person.
  • Tina wrote to say she enjoyed the Vivid-Pix Memory Segment regarding using photographs with patients suffering from dementia patients. We will be hosting more interviews soon. Keep listening!
  • Tina also asked about how to balance using RootsMagic, Ancestry, and FamilySearch without feeling that she is duplicating efforts.
  • Timo in Germany wrote with suggestions about place name changes and how to structure them in your genealogy. He suggests the use in German research of the website at He says:
    • “The GOV is for Germany and many former German places the place to go to look up the former names, belongings in civil registers or churches. It might happen that a village belong[s] to the one civil register and to another church. With the GOV you could search for the current or the former name of a city, village, or a place itself.&rdquo
    • ‘Let me give you the example of Riegersdorf (German name), now Rudziczka (Polish):
    • ‘You will find both names and the time period, type (village), population (1492 in this case), webpages (GenWiki), external ID (which is for library uses), link to GenWiki, geo position = coordinates to find the place on a map.”
  • Maya wrote to say that she had about 200 letters written in Yiddish, which she does not read. She offered them to the National Library of Israel for digitation and preservation and possibly translation.
  • Jo Ann has an ancestor from Rowan County, North Carolina, whom she thinks may have been a spy during the American Revolution. She asks for places she might go to in order to investigate the story.
  • Matt in Omaha, Nebraska, tells us he uses quotation marks around a name – such as “Mr King” – to force the search for that exact string.
  • Laura writes to ask why someone might have/use two desktop genealogy database programs.
  • Ed is working on publishing a family history for distribution within his family. He has an older work that he would like to use and incorporate some of its content. He asks about how to give credit to the original author. The Guys discuss copyright and fair use considerations and suggest how the source citations could/should be included.

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