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Jul 20, 2022

New You Can Use and Share!

  • The Guys want to thank everyone in the genealogical community for supporting their decision to terminate sponsorship by Find a Grave and (subsidiaries of
  • MyHeritage announces the release of the addition of two significant record collections: Norway Emigration Registers, 1867-1973, and the Vienna, Austria, Jewish Emigrant Applications, 1938-1939.
  • MyHeritage announces a new update to its Theory of Family Relativity.
  • The Genealogist has added a link to their Map Explorer georeference facility to the 1891 Census for the UK. It allows you to jump from the census household record to a detailed map to see where your ancestors lived and explore the neighborhood.
  • Findmypast has added half a million new records for Pennsylvania: List of British Prisoners in the War of Revolution; Episcopalian Births and Baptisms; Episcopalian Marriages; Episcopalian Deaths and Burials; and Episcopalian Congregational Records.

DNA Segment

  • DNA expert Diahan Southard returns to discuss with Drew a comparison of Ancestry's ThruLines and MyHeritage's Theory of Family Relativity.


Vivid-Pix Memory Segment

  • Drew interviews Hayley Studer, CEO of achi, to discuss achi's involvement with the study of using photographs to engage persons who have memory issues.

Listener Email

  • Mark shares information about how he has used social media to create private Facebook pages for relatives to share posts, photographs, and other information.
  • Brian wrote to comment on the importance of sourcing all of the information you contribute to FamilySearch's Family Tree and to other online sites.
  • Karin listens in Germany and wrote to comment about our previous discussion of African ancestry showing up in DNA results, and also shared two important online resources for German research:
  • Gigi wrote about having located prison records for one man at Ancestry and subsequently connecting with a half-second cousin (his daughter).
  • Kate wrote to share her discovery of her great-uncle’s prison records and mug shots at the California State Archive.

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