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Oct 14, 2007

This week's news includes details about the public outcry against the planned early closure date for the General Records Office (GRO) in the U.K., and announces a digital scrapbooking application for members.

Listener Thomas alerts others to a number of resources for Hispanic Heritage Month: The Society of Hispanic Historical and Ancestral Research (SHAAR) ( and its newsletter (; Library of Congress Hispanic Reading Room ( and the Index to the Enciclopedia Heraldica Hispano-Americana (; HISPAGEN (; the Argentine Genealogy Database (; and the new portal to the Online Spanish Archives (; the society, Los Floridanos (; the Cuban Genealogy Club of Miami (; and the Cuban Heritage Collection at the University of Miami (

George's Web Site of the Week is Griffith's Valuation 1848-1864 at, which is searchable by surname and viewable by county in alphabetical sequence. This is a great site to help locate ancestors during these year for which census records are not available due to fire.

The Guys discuss methods for finding live people and some of the experiences they have had. They then discuss "pathfinders," which are the instructional guides found as printed guides in libraries and/or at libraries' Web sites. They are guides to using the various collections or working with specific resources.

George just found a digital copy of another important great-uncle's death certificate. Can you guess where he found it? Listen for the answer and a review of another great Web site next week!