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Nov 20, 2007

George reports news items concerning: a new home for the Welsh West Glamorgan Archives (see; Geni ( that more than 10 million profiles have been created on their service; Ruth Emmel of the Lee County [FL] Genealogical Society ( has published an excellent new book titled, Let's Plant a Family Tree: How to Start Your Genealogy Research, which is geared toward young people just beginning their quest; and Brisco Washington Holder's gravestone was set in place in Memorial Park Cemetery in Jennings, St. Louis County, MO, on 30 October 2007. (View the stone.)

The Guys explain DNA, the available tests, and the benefits of tracing DNA in your genealogy. Then they discuss organization of your genealogical materials and two types of filing system schemes.

The Guys close by discussing how they plan to research genealogy at their family Thanksgiving in Newberry, South Carolina.