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Jan 9, 2008

Welcome to The Genealogy GuysTM Podcast for 2008!

George begins the 2008 news with a press release from Wholly Genes, Inc., of Columbia, MD, about the new Version 7.0 of The Master Genealogist (TMG) genealogy database software; George will be appearing at the all-day Mississippi Genealogical Society Confernece in Pearl. MS, just outside Jackson, on Saturday, 19 January – more information is available at (601) 924-9346; the Whitier Area Genealogical Society will feature expert genealogist, writer, and librarian Lloyd DeWitt Bockstuck at its 25th Annual Genealogical Conference on 23 February 2008 – Contact Miriam Benell at for more information; the Southern California Genealogical Society has announced its conference details at, and both Drew and George will be there this year!

The Guys discuss some user e-mail as always, and then focus on what is happening and coming for genealogy in 2008.