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Jan 27, 2008

This week’s news items include: James LeVoy Sorenson, renowned medical device inventor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist died on 20 January 2008 at 86 – his companies list includes the  non-profit Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation which provides DNA testing; has launched a new blog at; a wiki is available for users of FamilySearch and the LDS Family History Centers, at

The Guys respond to listener e-mail, including: genealogy software questions about DNA information and the GEDCOM 5.5 format standard; a site for sharing serialized family history information, with a sample at; a suggestion to visit the extensive Genealogy and Family History Links Library at; Bryan Mawer’s Sugar Refiners and Sugarbakers website at about the sugar industry, primarily in the UK (16th-20th centuries); and a question about when ships’ crew were included on manifests (and other forms), including information about INS requirements – at

Drew and George discuss the explosion of social networking sites for genealogists and some of the issues regarding choosing one or more to use. The list includes: (, Famillion (, (, (, (, (, 23AndMe (, (, ( and available in multiple languages), (, (, and ( Others include KinCafe (, FamilyLink ( - formerly, (, WeRelate (, and Famiva (

Drew has revived his personal blog with a new name, Internet domain, and a new look. The blog, called Rootsmithing, can be found at