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Mar 12, 2008

George delivers a lot of news this week: the New England Historic and Genealogical Society ( has received a large gift of photographs from the family of Thaxter Spencer, including an unknown 1888 photo of Helen Keller and her teacher, Annie Sullivan; the Library of Congress’s digital preservation program has a new e-mail newsletter and you can subscribe by clicking here; NARA is soliciting comments from the public by 9 April 2008 regarding a proposal to enter into a non-exclusive agreement with The Generations Network, Inc., owners of, to digitize and expand access to record holdings in NARA’s custody (see; Dublin’s Glasnevin Cemetery’s registers are about to be placed on the Internet, and more information is available at; Genealogical Publishing Company ( has partnered with, Inc. ( to make their databases available on (; Haaretx, Inc. ( announced with Famillion ( the launch of a new genealogy and social network search engine aimed at connecting the Jewish people worldwide; ( launches enhanced social networking websites for families; GenealogyBank ( has added the first 20 Hispanic newspaper titles for 4 states to its online historic newspaper collection, covering the period from 1855 to 1956, and will add many more, ultimately covering the period 1808 to 1980; an ID thief is caught and imprisoned in New Zealand for fraud in the theft of thousands of dollars in student loans for deceased children whose birth certificates he had obtained.

The Guys read and respond to listener e-mail on many topics: George misread the URL for the multimedia presentation software called Passage Express (which should be; a listener and the Web Marketing Director of provided information about and a free trial of their site at; information is shared about the HP MediaSmart Server for compact file backups and extensive hard drive installation; a free site to convert files into other formats is available at; the True Lover’s Knot will be featured in the May issue of Real Simple magazine (; Newberry Library in Chicago is working on a project to document and then digitize all state and county boundary changes in its Atlas of Historic County Boundaries Project (AHCBP) and has 23 states available online at; a listener shared the image of an 1880 census Enumerator’s Daily Report to Census Office form that he purchases on eBay; and one listener shared information about her ancestry and, in particular, shared her related photos that she has uploaded to the Shutterfly photograph file sharing site at

The Guys continued with listener e-mail on the subject of genealogical DNA testing and will continue next week again with another descriptive discussion.