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Mar 13, 2007

George reviews several news books, including the multivolume set of Revolutionary War Period Bible, Family, & Marriage Records (, a new book about colonial ancestors, and a fantastic new book about researching Mexican ancestry.  News includes the Jewish Genealogical Society in New York City's all-day seminar "Family History and the Holocaust: A Day of Learning" (  Listener mailbag includes more info about timelines, where to find the Genealogy Guys Podcast show notes, how to "re-jump start" interest in researching one's family, a new podcast coming from the Czech Republic (, how to follow up on items found in the AGBI, whether or not one should trust earlier research done on one's family, a suggestion about the Genealogy Guys Podcast having some "cover art" for iTunes, and some detailed info on using a digital camera for taking photos of documents (via the Kim Komando Show site, at