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Jun 5, 2008

This week's news includes: ( partners with ( to offer two free genealogy classes at (; APG names Michael Melendez of Fullerton, CA, as the first recipient of the Young Professional Scholarship; Millenia Corp. announces that new Legacy Family Tree version 7.0 is now available; construction delays at the new Midwest Genealogy Center in Independence, MO, postpone preservationists' tour; Moorshead Magazines, Ltd., publishers of Family Chronicle, Internet Genealogy, and Discovering Family History, has issued a call for old military uniform photos for a tentative book to cover the U.S. Civil War through the Mexican-American War and through World War I (no WWII) - submission details are available at; Stonehenge has been found to have been a burial ground from 3,000 to 2,500 B.C.; a new genealogy centre has opened in Dinfermline, Scotland; has released a new database of 8.9 million "free settlers" to Australia; and the True Lover's Knot" discussed here has been published in Real Simple magazine and online here.

Listener e-mail includes: an inquiry about accessing The Guys' Down Under: Florida videos at; the different pronunciations of "Beaufort" in North Carolina and South Carolina; The History of Mecklenburg County, NC by J.B. Alexander, published in 1901, has been reprinted by Clearfield Company (at; whether to city every source you  work with, and a response from Elizabeth Shown Mills' book, Evidence Explained; continues its free ethnic research training webinars series; a question about searching the LDS Family History Library catalog; a question about citing websites and using the "www." in the typed address; the Algonquin Area Public Library is beginning a series of training lessons about Web 2.0 at; and Mark Tucker, author of blog ( is seeking feedback as to whether he should evolve his site into a community site, and invites you to visit his Mission Statement proposal and make comments.

George reveals that he has just purchased an iMac and refused to migrate to Vista on his PC. The Guys talk about using different computer platforms and operating systems, and George will report back on his experience in future podcasts.