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Apr 14, 2009

Topics this week include:
  1. Loretto "Lou" Dennis Szucs receives the Silver Tray Award from the Utah Genealogical Association.
  2. includes new London-related content, including Births, Baptisms, Deaths, Burials, and Poor Law Records.
  3. Leland Meitzler includes a calendar on his blog at
  4. The National Archives (UK) adds new information about Henry VIII.
  5. The National Archives (US) at Kansas City, Missouri relocates to the Union Station Complex.
  6. Readex, a division of NewsBank, adds a new product line : American Newspaper Archives.
  7. reveals an improved search and browse function.
  8. The Ontario Genealogical Society will be holding its OGS Conference 2009 on May 29-31 at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario.
  9. The Purcell Family of America has a new website at and a Purcell surname DNA project (contact Doug Purcell at
  10. A podcast listener asks for a medal after listening to all Genealogy Guys Podcast episodes between January 13, 2009 and now (but he's not happy with the newer music).
  11. George meets someone at the front door with information about Census 2010.
  12. A listener describes using Google's Picasa Web Albums to store and share photo albums.
  13. A listener asks about the availability of New FamilySearch (because RootsMagic 4 provides a way to access it when it becomes available).
  14. The CEO of Sampa Corporation contacts the Genealogy Guys to describe a free service to share life events with family and friends.
  15. A listener asks whether or not everyone with the same surname (or a spelling variant) should be included in a genealogy database even if the relationship hasn't been established yet.
  16. Melissa Shimkus of the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana announces that new military content has been added to their site
  17. Joel Weintraub, associate of Steve Morse, responds to the idea of a one-step search for "everything", but one of his provided links is not quite the error message you may think it is.
  18. Ian Pereira lets us know about his company's free book publishing site at
  19. A listener asks for advice for a first-time visit to a national genealogy conference.
  20. A listener asks about how to proceed with a DNA test that may confirm a family story.
  21. A listener asks about pension files and NARA.
  22. Drew talks about Dropbox, an online service that synchronizes working files across computers.