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Sep 19, 2009

We apologize for the delay between podcasts, but we're back on schedule again!

This week's news includes: and the Drouin Institute (, holder of one of the most important Canadian genealogical collections, announce the successful resolution to arbitration concerning content and indexing, and has announced that the collection will be returning to its site very soon; dynastree announces that it now has 10 million family trees on its site, and that they have added new features including the ability to include family pictures in a GEDCOM file export; announces that its free Family Tree Builder software (free for download) now supports mapping, photo albums, and other new features; the Free Library of Philadelphia has averted disastrous budget cuts that would have closed all of its branches in early October; and the FamilySearch Indexing Project ( has announced the release of additional new and updated collections.

The Library of Michigan continues to hang under the threat of its collection being dispersed by executive order of the state's governor. The Records Preservation and Access Committee (RPAC), a joint group of the Federation of Genealogical Societies and the National Genealogical Society, has initiated an online petition drive at and The Guys strongly encourage you to sign electronically by 30 September 2009, the deadline date for the petition. For more information about the situation, visit the Michigan Genealogical Council's website at (The Guys will continue to report on this critical situation over the coming weeks and months.)

This week's listener email includes: Pheobe has created a Cousin Camp for her nieces, nephews, and cousins aged 9 to 14 and offers to share information with others; George asks about how to cite death notices; Rob asks how many listeners there are for the podcast; Victoria discusses the software she uses on her Mac in order to run Windows-based programs such as RootsMagic; Margaret reports on genealogists and libraries, and methods for creating knowledge with web 2.0 technologies; Rebecca asks about file formats for digitizing family photos and documents and saving them into her genealogy database; Lee asks if other listeners have seen tombstones on which the wife's maiden name is listed; and Mary Ann asks for assistance in helping to locate more information about her grandmother in Texas.