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Oct 1, 2009

This week's news includes: The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and announce a new Digital Holocaust Collection at at, and will be accessible for free through October; Gale and the British Library have made a vast collection of "British Newspapers, 1800-1900" available online at - searches are free and downloads of full-text articles are available by purchasing either a 24-hour or 7-day pass; announced that it has lowered its price for an annual World Collection Subscription to $99.95; and FamilySearch announces new and updated records and indexes at its site at

The Guys provide an update about the Library of Michigan crisis, provided by Tom Koselka of the Michigan Genealogical Council.

Drew interviews Steve Danko, expert genealogist in Polish research and personal blogger extraordinaire (

George discusses the fact that he has a new membership to the Godfrey Memorial Library ( and the types of subscriptions available.

The listener email includes: Eiya asks when you should shell out the big money for certified certificates; Ian asks for advice about the treatment of sensitive family information, such as illegitimate children; Jenna asks about the filing of marriage certificates - under the groom, the bride, or both; Clive shares some Irish websites he has found very helpful:;c=1408347

Tom shares his new understanding about the term "removed" cousin; and Noi asks for advice in locating and accessing corporate records for genealogical purposes.