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Dec 19, 2006

Announcements include the relaunch of Ancestry Magazine, the purchase of ProQuest Information and Learning (the division of ProQuest that includes HeritageQuest Online) by Cambridge Information Group, the release of Calico Pie's Family Historian 3.1 (more info at, The National Archives (UK) online release of UK Outbound Passenger Lists (with a 10% extra free if you buy units using code AOB10PCX) with more info at, and the ISFHWE Annual Writing Contest (more info at  Listener e-mail asks about how to present (and sometimes limit) information shared with newly found cousins.  George and Drew, following up on last week's podcast in which they discussed the hardware they use, identify their favorite genealogy-related software tools (even when they aren't specifically for genealogy).  Finally, George and Drew review the new series of surname books published by entitled "Our Name in History".