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Feb 7, 2010

In this episode:

  • George notes that it is Black History Month, and points out that the New England Historic Genealogical Society has a website called
  • George shares the information that has acquired the Germany-based OSN Group, which includes such family sites as,, and
  • The Michigan Genealogical Council updates the Guys on the Michigan governor's appointments to the Michigan Center for Innovation and Reinvention Board (which will advise the governor regarding the Michigan Library and Historical Center).
  • Beverly asks about options for genealogy home-study courses.
  • Teri asks where to get tabbed dividers for full-page sheet protectors, and whether it's ok to bring up a topic that was previously discussed on a Genealogy Guys Podcast from some time ago.  (For the tabbed dividers, George suggests looking at Light Impressions.)
  • Mitchell asks how best to document variants in surnames in his genealogy software.
  • Tina asks about unreadable census images from the 1860 census on
  • Steve e-mails from Australia using his iPhone to ask the Guys about dealing with some other genealogists who seem undaunted in spreading bad information.
  • Brent asks about finding information for a death at sea.
  • Tom and Mitch continue the discussion about providing sources for genealogical information.  Mitch also shares an article written by Gary B. Hoffman that dealt with the subject of bad information found in online genealogies.
  • Jim discusses his frustrations in locating information about ancestor David Barnhart.
  • Drew interviews Dr. John Philip Colletta and learns a great deal about Federal court records.