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Apr 10, 2007

Topics include: reminders about upcoming large conferences/seminars (NGS at, FGS at, and the 2nd Annual Genealogy Seminar at Sea (; followups on translating Latin (, on newspaper archives, on testing one's skills (, and on looking for info from the Boston Transcript; backups of data; a new site for listeners to investigate regarding free live online family history classes (; the pros and cons of blogs vs. non-blog websites; possible problems using FamilySearch Indexing by a Linux user; an interesting drawing found in an Oxford County (Ontario) marriage book; the National Institute for Genealogical Studies at the University of Toronto (; feedback regarding show notes; the basics of subscribing to the Genealogy Guys Podcast using iTunes (so that one can sync the podcasts to an iPod), printing the show notes, and searching for content in past episodes; and whether or not to refer to siblings of direct ancestors as "ancestors".  George also briefly reviews the book Infamous Scribblers.