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Jan 18, 2011

The news includes:

  • GenSoftReviews announced its 2010 Users Choice Awards. Our sponsor, RootsMagic, was awarded first place.
  • announced the release of Family Tree Maker for the Macintosh. They also announced new and updated collections, including Swedish Church Records and Maine births, marriages, and deaths collections.
  • The Illinois State Genealogical Society announced the unveiling of their new website at, using EasyNetSites.
  • A new genealogy site has been announced. It is Tpstry at

Listener email includes:

  • Questions about the downloads of the Podcast.
  • Donna asked about the Federation of Genealogical Societies' Save the Pensions! fund and its place in the Stern-NARA Fund at FGS.
  • Tim writes about Drew's connection to the Perry-Boddies lines.
  • Samuel asks about DNA testing to locate relations to males in Ireland.
  • Victoria wants to know the reasons behind two couples in England (1851 and 1893) whose marriage registers show living at the same address at the time of their marriages.
  • Ken asks about using Dropbox with his Family Tree Maker files.
  • Mary asks how to shorten a rediculously long URL. George suggests the use of TinyURL and Drew suggests using
  • Tim asks about free vs. pay information.
  • Victoria relates a funny story about quirky genealogists.
  • Another Victoria tells us about Shakespeare's genealogies in his plays.
  • Gus tells us about obtaining military records.
  • Donna asks George about differences between RootsMagic and Reunion.

George tellss everyone that there are several new book reviews coming.