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Nov 9, 2016

The news includes:

  • The Library of Virginia has slashed its hours and cut its staff. Genealogists need to communicate their displeasure with the governor.
  • The Federation of Genealogical Societies has announced their election for officers and directors.
  • Findmypast announces the addition of the Genealogical Society of Ireland journals to PERSI. They also announce the addition of new records from West Virginia, Utah, Ireland, and new PERSI updates.
  • Drew shares highlights of FamilySearch’s recent new record releases.
  • The Guys share information that PERSI will be exclusively at Findmypast as of 8 November 2016. It will no longer be available at Ancestry or HeritageQuest Online.

George reviews an interesting new book by Jeffrey H. Konis titled Conversations We Never Had.

Listener email includes:

  • Drew responds to an inquiry from Connie about the origin of a quote.
  • Cynthia asked about Irish coming to Canada during the famine years in the 1840s and then to the U.S.
  • Marc asked for suggestions on obtaining the criminal records for his great-grandfather, including a mug shot, from Pennsylvania.
  • Sarah asks for help in determining which genealogical software program would meet her needs.
  • Pat is seeking help in locating records of John Henry Wakefield who may have been born in England or Ohio, and who may have arrived on one of the orphan trains.
  • Jenny asks about the ethics of providing names to an individual who is an adoptee and who is seeking information about birth parents.
  • Ryan has some follow-up questions and information about his Antrim McMichael line, and asked about MyHeritage’s new DNA matching, which has just come out of beta.

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