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Nov 11, 2018

The news includes:

  • MyHeritage recently held a very successful conference, MyHeritage LIVE, in Oslo, Norway. There were a number of announcements about their DNA testing, including a forthcoming ability to test envelopes and stamps for DNA. More details about all their announcements will be posted on The Genealogy Guys Blog.
  • The Oklahoma Historical Society has added Dawes Commission Townsite Rolls to their collection of online databases at their website at
  • Drew summarizes the new and updated collections at FamilySearch.

Listener email includes:

  • Ron sends a follow-up from the Wilson-Cobb Library Genealogy Workshop at which George presented in Roswell, New Mexico. He discusses state-level veterans’ compensation records and the rich personal and genealogical information they can contain.
  • Linda asks about records of the Castle Garden immigration processing site in New York, and wonders why she gets different results from the Castle Garden website ( than from Stephen P. Morse’s One-Step search facility (
  • Jennifer tells us about the Android smartphone app for listening to podcasts called Podcast Addicts.
  • Jennifer asks for advice concerning research on her Mennonite ancestors in the Saucon, Pennsylvania, area. The Guys ask for information and suggestions from our listeners.
  • Tom asks for online sources for Scottish Military Records. George suggests:
  • Hugh writes to discuss ethics and access to DNA test results, photographs, and family trees after a genealogist’s death. (Refer to Podcast Episode #342 and Blaine Bettinger’s Informed Consent Agreement and Beneficiary Agreement forms at
  • One listener discusses uploading DNA results to multiple sites to maximize matches and contacts.
  • Jim shares the details of some of his DNA test results that revealed some Non-Paternal Events (NPEs). He describes his attempts to contact his newly-discovered half-brother and some reactions from him and another family member.

The Guys share where they have recently presented and upcoming events through December.