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Mar 19, 2008

In this week’s news: NARA ( posts free passenger lists online, including Russian, Italian, and German lists to east coast ports; 1871 England and Wales census images are now complete on British Origins (; The Generations Network, Inc. (, parent of, RootsWeb,, and other entities, announced that they will move RootsWeb onto the domain, using, and that there should be no changes to the online experience of users – and that RootsWeb will continue to be free; and ( now has over 1 billion names at its site.

The Guys respond to many listener e-mail topics: the correct pronunciation of Haaretz, the largest newspaper in Israel which is beginning a new start-up genealogy social network, is ‘Hah-AH-retz’, which is Hebrew for “The Land.?; university databases and the possibility of accessing them remotely; missing census page images at for Decatur County, Indiana; the availability of the 1846 Slater’s Commercial Directory of Ireland at

The Guys continue discussing listener e-mail about DNA and Drew continues his discussion of the topic to try to educate us all.