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Apr 2, 2008

Drew addresses proving relationships using mitochondrial DNA. He then discusses two genealogical books on the subject of DNA. They are: DNA & Genealogy by Colleen Fitzpatrick and Andrew Yeiser (published in 2005 by Rice Book Press) and Family History in the Genes by Chris Pomery (published in 2007 by The National Archives in Kew, Richmond, Surrey). Both are available through

This week’s news stories include: Roots Television at has won four Telly Awards in its first year in business; the National Genealogical Society has announced the appointment of Pamela K. Boyer, CG, CGL, its Education and Publications Director; and ( has added 300 new databases from the Godfrey Memorial Library and will add 300 more each week this month.

Listener e-mail includes discussions concerning: “The Vision of Britain? system holds the full text of three 19th century gazetteers at; LDS Family History Center personnel can provide expert advice to you before you reach the point of hiring a professional researcher; a listener asks for opinions about the National Genealogical Society’s online course, “Introduction to Genealogy?; genealogy of U.S. presidential candidates is a topic of worldwide discussions; another recommendation is made for creating CDs/DVDs of family history information; the recessive gene responsible for red hair is declining and is expected to be obsolete by 2100; Arphax Publishing Company publishes excellent quality family maps by state and county, and can be found at; and additional information about District of Columbia records is offered.