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May 30, 2008

The news this week includes: a new series at titled Unclaimed Persons which the producers hope will raise awareness of the problem of unclaimed bodies and encourage viewers to help; announces a series of free Ethnic Webinars, beginning June 3rd, to help you with researching your ancestry (click here to register); vandals wreak havoc and destroying monuments in a Riverview, Florida, cemetery; and MyHeritage Research ( announces the upgrade of its unique search engine.

George announces conference venues at which he and/or Drew will be appearing soon: Southern California Genealogical Society's Jamboree (27-29 June - with G&D); RootsMagic Cruise (28 September to 5 October - with G; South Orange County California Genealogical Society (18 October - with G); and the Florida State Genealogical Society (14-15 November - with G&D).

The poem mentioned mentioned in Episode #137 was identified as "Voices from the Past" by Adelaide Ann Proctor (1825-1864).

Listener e-mail includes: a new online citation tool at; a discussion of the availability of at Family History Centers and the Family History Library; information about the Army Heritage Education Center outside Carlisle, Pennsylvania; and a problem with duplicate individuals appearing in the personal MyAncestry family tree view.

Drew talks about finding a new record type: an Alcoholic Beverage Control License.