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Aug 14, 2006

As the days count down toward the Federation of Genealogical Society's upcoming Boston conference, Drew and George announce that Paul Milner is a new co-leader for the National Genealogical Society's Britain and Ireland Forum (, and that NGS is sponsoring a January 2007 research trip to Salt Lake City (  Following up on last week's episode regarding boxer Bob Fitzsimmons, a listener reminds the Guys about Find A Grave (  George announces Liz Kerstens' new e-magazine Digital Genealogist (  After George discusses tips for deciphering old documents (handwriting, abbreviations, and language), Drew alerts listeners to upcoming changes for RootsWeb mailing lists ( and to a new way to access the WorldCat database (   George ends the episode by sharing ways to keep track of what census columns mean, using the census charts at (