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Aug 28, 2006

Just before the Genealogy Guys head off for the FGS Conference in Boston, Drew announces the Ebenezer, GA Heritage Day Festival on Labor Day for Salzburgers ( and the University of Washington Extension Program's Genealogy and Family History Certificate (, and shares listener tips regarding both WorldCat and state archives.  George and Drew outline what topics they'll be addressing at the FGS Conference, and the Guys will also be at the Lee County Genealogical Society in Ft. Myers, Florida on September 20 to produce a "live" podcast.  George's "Along Those Lines" column will start being seen on September 7th in the Signal Hill Tribune in Signal Hill, California (thanks to a podcast listener).   Drew shares his recent experience participating in a Skypecast moderated by Dick Eastman, both of the Guys talk in detail about next year's research trip to London (e-mail for more info), and a listener question about a gas station leads to a discussion about locating information about businesses.