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Oct 31, 2005

After the usual announcements, George talks about cemetery iconography, and Drew makes plain the nature of "RSS feeds". In the middle of this there's also a surprise visit from a creature usually associated with Halloween. [One clarification: Bloglines, mentioned during the podcast, is not software, but instead is...

Oct 23, 2005

George reviews some recent issues of popular genealogy-related magazines, while Drew gives tips on getting the most out of electronic mailing lists. George points out the advantages of using online local and family history books.

Oct 17, 2005

George shares his knowledge of professional genealogical organizations. Drew points out the advantages of using straight-cut folders and labelmakers for organizing research files. George says that he is a big fan of the National Archives in England (and its publications). And Drew divulges some of his secrets for...

Oct 10, 2005

George reminds listeners of next year's genealogy cruise ( Then Drew discusses genealogy software for PDAs that run the Palm OS, including GedWise (, GedStar (, and My Roots ( Finally, George shares a lot of information...

Oct 3, 2005

George reviews two books that may help to provide historical, geographical, and social context to our ancestors: "1776" by David McCullough, and "The Widow of the South" by Robert Hicks. Drew interviews Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak, co-author of "Trace Your Roots with DNA".