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Feb 26, 2006

George recommends the new magazine "Internet Genealogy" ( George and Drew discuss using deeds as a resource. Finally, Drew and George talk about using the Library of Congress catalog ( and the WorldCat database to locate books about your family.

Feb 20, 2006

George identifies a handy Australian site (, reminds listeners of the annual ISFHWE writing contest (, announces an upcoming Scandinavian seminar (, and encourages listeners to consider becoming certified genealogists (

Feb 12, 2006

George recommends an online tutorial that teaches beginning Latin for reading pre-1733 documents ( Then Drew and George begin a detailed discussion regarding genealogical goals and projects, including preparing for trips, referencing published sources, and saving time and...

Feb 6, 2006

George announces the annual ISFHWE writing contest (, and mentions that he'll be speaking at the Palm Beach County (FL) Genealogical Society ( on February 11 and the Muskogee County (OK) Genealogical Society ( on March 23. Drew...