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Apr 25, 2007

George announces the website (a product of World Vital Records Inc.).  George and Drew discuss uploading GEDCOM files, the use of the website, and where to begin genealogical spring cleaning.

Apr 19, 2007

Announcements include the new Ancestry Press product (, free access to Ellis Island records thru April 30 (, and the annual Spring Seminar of the Alabama Genealogical Society at Samford University in Birmingham on May 5 (  Major topics discussed include...

Apr 10, 2007

Topics include: reminders about upcoming large conferences/seminars (NGS at, FGS at, and the 2nd Annual Genealogy Seminar at Sea (; followups on translating Latin (, on newspaper archives, on testing one's...

Apr 3, 2007

George and Drew discuss the transliteration of documents (such as those in Latin), and tips for translating from one language to another.  Drew also leads a discussion about using WorldCat to locate local newspapers, partially inspired by a listener's suggestion for using the U.S. Newspaper...