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Mar 21, 2017

We are pleased to announce that we have passed the 2,000,000th download of our podcasts on 5 March 2017. Thank you to our listeners and our sponsors for making us a success!

The Guys are very pleased to announce that they will be the speakers for the California Genealogical Society’s inaugural Caribbean Genealogy Cruise. The Society is celebrating its 120th anniversary with a 7-night cruise on the luxurious Celebrity Cruise Line's Silhouette for a fantastic cruise, departing from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, on Sunday, 11 February 2018. The ship will call at ports in Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten. The Genealogy Guys will present 12 separate lectures on the days at sea, and they will be available for one-on-one consultation appointments. Explore the islands, participate in optional on-shore activities, and enjoy a festive time with the speakers and other genealogists. Get the flyer with all the details at . More information will be posted soon at the California Genealogical Society website at .

The news includes:

  • RootsMagic continues to work on adding to its software’s Hints facility. In the meantime, George has an article in the upcoming April/May 2017 issue of Internet Genealogy magazine titled “RootsMagic and WebHints: Harness the Power”.
  • The Suzanne Winsor Freeman Memorial Student Grant Committee and the Southern California Genealogical Society announce the 2017 Student Grant and Jamboree Scholarship. Applications are due on 15 April 2017. Details and the application form are available at
  • Evidentia announced the addition of a new facility, Cousin Tracker, to its software. A video is available at describing and demonstrating the new facility.
  • Charleston, South Carolina’s Board of Architectural Review has given its enthusiastic approval to the construction of a $75M International African American Museum there. Construction may begin by year’s end. Fundraising is in process. Details are available at
  • Unlock the Past announces a Holy Land Tour in Israel (23 October – 1 November 2017) and a genealogy conference in Tel Aviv (1-2 November 2017). Details are available at
  • Findmypast has added new records and updates to existing collections, including: Scotland Post Office Directories; Lower Canada Census 1842, Yorkshire Memorial Inscriptions; Anglo-Boer War Records 1899-1902; Northamptonshire Baptisms; Warwickshire Monumental Inscriptions; United States Marriages; and the Periodical Source Index.
  • Drew shares new and updated collections at FamilySearch.

Listener email includes:

  • Katherine shares a link to A Timeline Map of US Since 1820 at .
  • Gavin shared a link to Grace’s Guide to British Industrial History at with images of company listings in directories and newspapers and a number of biographies.
  • Sam is researching Williams and Traylor ancestors, and asks about the possibilities of expanding his knowledge by upgrading to a Y-DNA 111-marker test.
  • Matt shares the importance of interviewing your elders, and provides a link to his blog entry on the subject at .
  • Richard tells about the origins of his genealogical interest.
  • Doug asks what is the point of doing genealogy if no one else in the family is or will be interested.
  • Jim asks about the amount of shared DNA (in centiMorgans) and relationships based on the amount of shared DNA.
  • Mike discusses the difficulties in obtaining official death records in New Jersey and asks for suggestions for alternative approaches.
  • Chris asks for suggestions for locating records of an ancestor who arrived in the US in the 1780s and ultimately migrated to Tennessee.

Aha! Seminars, Inc., can deliver webinars by George and/or Drew to your genealogical society for a very affordable price. Learn more at .