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May 25, 2020

MyHeritage is offering our podcast listeners and blog readers a discount on their Complete collection through 29 May 2020. (New subscribers only.) Regularly $300.00, the price is $213.87, a great deal for all family researchers! Read our blog at for the details and your order form.

We appreciate your feedback on our new microphones. We’re working on techniques and welcome your comments.

We welcome Diahan Southard to the podcast in the regular DNA Segment feature with Drew Smith. She is a leading voice for consumer DNA testing from her position as Founder of Your DNA Guide. Diahan teaches internationally, consults with leading testing companies and forensics experts, and is the author of Your DNA Guide: The Book.

News You Can Use and Share

  • MyHeritage recapped the additions to its collections for April and George shares those.
  • MyHeritage has just added three new Greek collections: Greek Electoral Rolls (1863-1924); Corfu Vital Records (1841-1932); and Sparta Marriages (1835-1935) including images of licenses and the marriage register.
  • Findmypast has added records: Durham Home Guard (1939-1945); Faces of the Fallen (1939-1945); UK Electoral Registers & Companies House Directors (2002-2020)’ The War Illustrated (1938-1947); U.S. National Veterans Cemetery Index; Georgia WWII Draft Registration Cards (1940-1942); and additional Louisiana Draft Cards.
  • Drew recaps new record additions, updates, and indexes at FamilySearch.

DNA Segment with Diahan Southard

Drew asks Diahan about why DNA testing companies give us two different numbers for each of our matches, and whether or not both numbers matter. Learn more about shared centimorgans and segment length at

Cyndi Says

Cyndi Ingle shares some quick text tips for your computer!

Keyboard tools:
Text expanders: 
Browser extensions and add-ons:

Our Listeners Talk to Us

  • Michael discusses his big descendancy research project and has traced thousands of descendants for only several of eight brothers. Our listeners are encouraged to email us to share suggestions and to discuss their own similar projects.
  • Sara commented on research logs and timeline software we discussed on 3 December 2019. She hasn’t found the right research logs for her work. Suggestions from listeners are welcome for us to share with her.
  • Tom is looking for a DNA researcher to analyze his wife’s matches. He is looking for her father from ca. 1925 in Reno, Nevada.
  • Anonymous is a younger member of a genealogical society. She and a few others have suggested virtual seminars/webinars but the proposition has fallen on deaf ears. She is seeking suggestions for how to move the society forward and to develop and sustain it.

The Genealogy Guys are available for webinars using Zoom, a simple-to-use online video meeting tool that handles up to 100 people logged in at a time. Our catalog of Genealogy Topics is available at along with information about Genealogy Webinars. Contact us to schedule a webinar for your society.

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