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Oct 30, 2022

We apologize for the delay in the publication of this episode. Hurricane Ian and some severe computer problems have presented production challenges.

News You Can Use and Share

  • American Ancestors/New England Historic Genealogical Society celebrated the lifetime contributions of David Rencher, Chief Genealogical Officer of FamilySearch, with its Preservation and History Award on 27 October 2022.
  • MyHeritage has announced three major improvements to their service:
    • Sorting abilities for Shared DNA Matches;
    • The addition of 30 new historical record selections and 31 million new records added in September; and
    • New and improved Family Statistics for your uploaded family tree/GEDCOM.
  • Nathan Dylan Goodwin’s newest book, the second book in the Venator Cold Case Series, The Sawtooth Slayer, has just been released in paperback and Kindle formats.
  • RootsTech 2023 registration is open for the largest genealogy conference, to be held 2-4 March 2023 in Salt Lake City, Utah. You may register to attend in person or virtually at
  • George shares information about the BYU Family History Technology Lab at Genealogy-related games and research and visualization tools are fun and fascinating.
  • Drew highlights new and updated collections added at FamilySearch in September.

Listener Email

  • Daniel writes to describe a DNA brick wall challenge.
  • Tom B. discussed WWII-era photos and the fact that he has scanned them. Now, what should he do with the originals?
  • Tom S. wrote to share a brick wall breakthrough that he, his cousin, and his mother made by checking various online services and then going back and checking them for new record additions.

George discussed his work on scanning photos he has carried with him for as long as 60 years. He discussed the Fujitsu SV600 Scanner, the ScanSnap software that comes with the scanner, his storage in Dropbox, his naming conventions, and using Vivid-Pix Restore to improve the images. He discusses his conundrum about how to obtain images from photo negatives, Kodak photo disks, and other non-paper media. He shares surprises he found that help him identify persons in many unlabeled photos. Finally, he shares Tom B.’s concerns about what to do with originals.

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